The Undertaking of Billy Buffone



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A vivid portrait of lives intertwined in the search for redemption amidst the uncovering of dormant truths a small town tried to bury.

IN THE SPIRIT OF THE BOYS OF ST. VINCENT, award winning author David Giuliano creates a story of trauma, humour and redemption. Catherine, a newly minted preacher, moves to Twenty-Six Mile House, an isolated community in northern Ontario and befriends the quirky undertaker Billy Buffone who has a disturbing secret he has carried for almost two decades. Billy’s best friend, now deceased, leads the reader through the traumatic events of today and those from the never-forgotten past.

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Heather Campbell

One thought on “The Undertaking of Billy Buffone

  1. I love David’s books…have purchased all that have been available to me here in Marathon, ON….actually several copies of them to gift to my children and grandchildren. He writes in a way that draws you into his stories totally and.completely. I am excited to purchase. His newest endeavour.


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