It’s Good to Be Here

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It’s Good to be Here: Stories we tell about cancer is a courageous and deeply personal book about the author’s more than 20 year journey with cancer. It is part memoir, part spiritual meditation in which Giuliano challenges the ubiquitous and one dimensional “battle with cancer” narrative, with alternative narratives about temples, treasure, light, pilgrimage, wolves and love. It is a fiercely honest, at times funny, book about the metaphysics of medicine and the power of story to heal.
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10 thoughts on “It’s Good to Be Here

  1. Hi David … Nice to see your book. Julie forwarded your email to me and considering she is now about to start chemo I will probably be ordering a book for her. If I order from the UK can I do so on the United Church of Canada’s site to be delivered to her?


    1. I think that should work as long as it is being delivered in Canada. Might be a good idea to use their contact option and check with them to be sure. I hope Julie finds some comfort and encouragement in it. Blessings David


  2. I just bought this book and am looking forward to reading it. Sometimes I mail things myself to friends outside of Canada.
    Hi David. Hailing from the near north. Your books are wonderful. I have had cancer twice and working to not have it again. I figure I am cancer free. Best of health to you and everyone.


    1. Good to hear from you Diane and to hear your health is good. Did you write any poems or prose about your experience with cancer? By the way It’s Good to Be Here is available worldwide through various bookstores or on amazon for that country.


      1. No I didn’t, but I have written 2 poems to read for when the time comes. I have had some other close calls and I find these would be good for that time even after the other things. I think the people I gave them to may have been a little shocked, but they knew me and what was happening. It takes time to prepare for the end times to have a good death. One is fairly positive, the other written just after the 2nd diagnosis was a bit more down to earth. Both suit in my scenario.

        I have been asked to write for someone who has lost a parent, and I never met them. One was for a sister who was dying. I never had met her either. A very difficult ask. And that is where the spirit must take the lead. I try to put myself in their shoes. It was very humbling.


  3. Thanks for the beautiful book, David. I also have been through cancer and your words give a very moving picture of some of the things the whole cancer experience brings up.


  4. Hello David, Having read your book, I feel I know you – presumptuous, but true. As a new E.D. of Enliven Centre for Well-Being in Cancer in Huntsville, I am extremely thrilled that you will be joining us in September to share your experience with our community. It’s funny how after reading you book, I took up my pen also. I am not a cancer survivor, but we are all survivors of a sort when we dig a bit. Your candor allows for and invites the same from others and its words gave me a new and deeper vision into how I might respectfully work to support our community during their journeys with cancer. Thank you for the gift of your book and congratulations on being named to the Northern Lit Awards Shortlist…we’ll be rooting for you!


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