The Undertaking of Billy Buffone

“In a narrative that unfolds like old time rock-n-roll Giuliano delivers a pitch-perfect, whip-smart glimpse into the lives of highly memorable characters in a small Northwestern Ontario town. ” – Dayle Furlong, Author of Lake Effect and other Stories.

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A vivid portrait of lives intertwined in the search for redemption amidst the uncovering of dormant truths a small town tried to bury.

“When I woke up on the floor at Scouter Rupert Churley’s camp, there was a pilled blanket tangled around my ankles. I was otherwise naked. My head thrummed. My mouth tasted like a squirrel had slept—and possibly shit—in it.”

 So begins Matthew Collins’ telling of the story of his death, and the secret he left with his best friend, Billy Buffone.

The Undertaking of Billy Buffone is a story about the trauma – immediate and ongoing, personal and collateral – inflicted by Rupert Churley, who preyed on boys in Twenty-Six Mile House, an isolated town in northern Ontario. The suicides, the conspiracy of silence, the secrets and the damage done to the boys, their friends and families, persist long after the murder of Scouter Churley.

Catherine—newly minted preacher and lonely outsider—helps Billy confront the tragic loss of his friend and his own secret. The narrative is fearless and tender look into small-town life. It is also a sometimes-funny story, inhabited by quirky characters.

This novel began with real events involving a pedophile, Reeve, teacher, baseball coach and respected citizen who, for 25 years, abused boys in the author’s home town. Beyond that initial spark, the story is otherwise completely fictional.

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