Praise for It’s Good to be Here

Logo_-_Northern_Lit_Awards_-_FinalShort listed for the Northern Lit Award.

“I just finished your book, and felt the need to send you a message to say thank you. Thank you for your honesty, humour, wisdom and compassion. Having never had cancer or anything like it, your words not only welcomed me into your journey, but gave me perspective and understanding on how to pastorally care for some of my own church family who are on the cancer journey as well. Throughout the book, I felt as though you were speaking to me.”

“Just finished the book and it was grand. Maybe me laugh out loud.
The juxtaposition exquisite. “Meanwhile my roomate is vomiting the bathroom.”

And cry. ‘Pared-down life’, ‘privilege that embarrasses me’ – all so good. Thanks for doing it.”

“David Giuliano has written a beautiful book about his pilgrimage with cancer.  It is perceptive, inspirational, funny, spiritual, loving, human, generous and thought provoking. It will join Atul Gawande’s Being Mortal as a book I read with my medical students.”

– Dr. Andreas Laupacis, palliative care physician, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Editor-in-Chief, Healthy Debate (

“With humor, wit, insight and sheer honesty, David gives us a deeply personal window into the everyday dramas of living with cancer. His spiritual reflections from ‘the other side of the gurney’ is a must read for anyone who works in healthcare.”
– Dr. Seema Marwaha, internal medicine physician and Freelance Health Journalist.

Read this book. It is filled with things we all need to think about to know how to work through our lives as human beings who will inevitably face ourselves and each other in times when we are frightened and fighting; in times when we would be best served by love, care, compassion, hope, dignity, forgiveness, and humour. Healing is in the arms of love and compassion – for self, for and from others.
– Dr. Marion Briggs,  Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

“David Giuliano has given us a beautiful and valuable relief map for a difficult journey. This work is a reflection on his experience with cancer, but it offers much more. It is a deeply personal offering of Giuliano’s wisdom and humanity, and maps a creative spiritual route to hope  in difficult situations, including but going beyond cancer. It holds treasures for all those interested in discovering a more profound and sensitive path to healing. He has gifted us with a vulnerable, honest, and sensitive view of the deserts, the mountain tops and the valleys of his journey which will help immeasurably in our own encounters with personal health challenges, or in caring for those faced with great trials.”
– Dr. Peter Newbery, Past President, College of Family Physicians of Canada and CEO [retired] United Church Health Services, recipient of The Order of British Columbia.

I have loved reading your new book. I am looking forward to recommending it to people. I hope that it has been a healing journey for you. I really liked the biblical references. I was able to reminisce with Nancy Ferguson last week. She was such a part of your journey. Thank you for your vulnerability. – Pat Gilmore

“David’s story is captivating. I read…a lot… and my reading list is longer than a lifetime. If a book doesn’t capture my attention, or contain needed technical knowledge, I put the book aside. “It’s Good to be Here” is funny, poignant, and vulnerable but not triumphant. I found “It’s Good to be Here” deeply satisfying. I am a humanist but neither religious, nor particularly spiritual if that makes sense. David’s is clearly, deeply a Christian, but does not attempt to convert. He tells of his journey in a way that is easy to connect with and relate to. I am glad I bought multiple copies to share. Thank you David!” – Dan Edgar

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