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November 21, 2018 1-2:30 pm
United in Learning

For church leaders and health professionals who are often called upon as companions to those walking similar journeys it also offers important perspectives that will both stretch our own understanding and enhance the tools we need to help those who look to us for guidance and support.

What is healing and cure and what is the difference between the two? How are healing and spirituality connected? How do we move beyond clichés to help those who are in the midst of life-threatening illness to find meaning in their illness? Where do we find resources that will deepen our own understandings as caregivers, and equip us to better meet the challenges and possibilities in this important aspect of ministry?

We’ll begin the program with an interview with David to highlight the various stories he offers as alternatives, and then weave in questions and stories from the webinar participants as we together explore ways to deepen our practice of pastoral care.

University of Guelph   November 25, 2018
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A past Moderator of the United Church of Canada, and UoG graduate, David will be sharing from his new book, “It’s Good to be Here: Stories We Tell About Cancer”.

In it, he challenges the ubiquitous and one dimensional “battle with cancer” narrative by providing alternative stories that are part memoir, part spiritual meditation.

This is a free event. All are welcome.
Pay-what-you-can donations will be accepted to help cover costs and support the work of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry at UoG.

Thornbrough Rm. 1200 is located right beside the University Centre bus loop. Weekend parking is free across campus.

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