Upcoming Events

Healing and Wellness:
Spiritual Wholeness in Light and Shadow

With David Giuliano, Renee Thomas-Hill and Amira Ayad

November 11 – 13, 2019
Come join us for a time of learning and renewal at Five Oaks this fall.

This 2.5 day program is led by three speakers from different cultures and faith traditions. It is a time of shared learning, being deeply rooted in one’s own faith or spiritual tradition, and deepening our understanding and lived experience of the stories we tell about healing, wellness, illness and wholeness. It is an opportunity to learn together, for those in our partner communities (Christian, Muslim, Indigenous) and beyond.

Though it is open to anyone, it may be particularly relevant to those who find themselves or someone in their circle  facing changes in their health and vitality. In this journey, we may be seeking to remain grounded in a fruitful and faithful space in the face of new realities in one’s sense of wellness, wholeness and understanding of what healing means in an individual’s life. It is also recommended for pastoral care providers, elders, imams, chaplains, clergy, and health-care professionals.

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